The beautiful Girogia Tono on the Alien Shoot - Doris Day in Space

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Whether you need a stunning image for your website, publicity material, or a great new album cover, have a chat with us first.

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Come to us with your ideas, let's chat and work out how best to make it happen.  If you've already approached "professional photographers" you'll be aware of the sky high rates and lack of imagination.  Even worse, most of the time you will not even own the images taken, they will be "licensed " to you - you'll have to pay again and again to use them - for example they could ask for more money if the images are still on your website in two years time, or extra money if one of the images is printed in a newspaper.  We don't work this way, we promise you,  when you've settled the bill, we assign any rights we have,  to YOU,  as far as we are concerned, you will own the images 100% - for ever!

We like to prepare well beforehand so that the shoot is efficient and fun.  We can arrange transport, props, models, professional make-up and hair.   We  work in the studio or on location and we charge only for the time and materials used.

Our Capability

We use Canon cameras and will hire in any extra equipment required for the shoot.  Post production, we use Open Source software under Linux including Gimp2 and Inkscape.  We can provide the image files required for web or print use.   All source files will be supplied to you so that you can recreate and modify them for future use.  All files will be in a standard unencumbered format so that you can use them in the future, compare that to other photographers!   Get in touch and let's have a chat about your project, coffee and advice is free, we're nice like that.

The image shows the "Alien" shoot, a fashion shoot with Giorgia Tono,  hair and make-up by Jacob James and clothes by Izzy of Manchester.