Marc Sinclair is one of those characters whose diversity of interests makes for an interesting cross-pollination between his projects.  A child of the sixties, (well very late fifties), he began playing the violin at age nine, and progressed to the Guitar and Bass.  Active in many local bands in the Lancaster area, including Route 66, Frenchie and the Breton Fishermen, famous for their surreal gigs, once playing a whole set naked in a balloon basket!

At age seventeen he ran away to London with best friend Jeff Hirst and lived on the streets for nearly two years. "we spent a cold winter in 'phone boxes and on the circle line, where kind train guards let us stay asleep. We would always get fed by someone with spare food, from then on I realised that even if everything fails, you don't die."   In those years, music was important, Marc seemed to fall on his feet, working sessions on bass in the Matrix and Vineyard studios, recording with the likes of Chris Spedding and Olivia Newton-John.  He worked in RockStar studios with Mike Leander and Pete Phipps. He was signed as an artiste to A&M Records and Oval Records under the auspices of Charlie Gillet and Gordon Nelkie.

In his spare time he used to frequent Ronnie Scott's Jazz Club, where several of his friends worked as waiters. "I met Count Basie and Oscar Peterson there. Oscar was fascinated by computers, and we nattered for ages about the latest microprocessors."  The other love of Marcs' life was to take over for the next years as he worked on some of the worlds most sophisticated computer control systems. But music was never far away and Marc would always keep a "hand in" by singing or session work.  He wrote Cedar, which was his first classical project and managed several bands in the Manchester area.  He produced the artwork and promotional material for many CDs and digital releases as well as creating and maintaining artiste websites.  All of which led to the creation of Tanglingstar, where Marc is a Director and head of Artiste development.  "I love the challenge of creating something where there was nothing, rather than asking who will give me my dream job? better to get out there and create it"