John Verity - Rocking Away :)

John Verity began his music career in the early 1960's, playing guitar in various local bands around his home town of Bradford, Yorkshire, until he was offered a full time gig with a band which was backing various visiting US pop acts, as well as Decca Records UK acts when they toured.  The earliest incarnations of the John Verity Band supported legends such as Hendrix, Mountain, Canned Heat and Janis Joplin, and he was quickly signed up as the replacement for Argent's Russ Ballard after Ballard quit the band in 1972.

 When Argent disbanded in 1976, John put together an outfit called Phoenix with bassist Jim Rodford (later to join The Kinks), then spent a few years producing, playing guitar or providing backing vocals for various acts including Motorhead, Ringo Starr, Russ Ballard, Brian Connolly, John Parr, BowWowWow and The Searchers amongst others.

More solo albums followed, with Verity dividing his time between his solo career and recording and touring with Keith Emerson (ELP), Jools Holland, Mike Rutherford (Genesis), The Zombies and John Coghlan (ex-Status Quo).

John has a wealth of knowledge of the legacy and current music industry and has started the careers of many successful young musicians.  He has always said that live work was his first love and is still gigging regularly - check out his website