David  Banks, a long time friend and musician, a man who is enthusiastic, generous and wise beyond his years, (although come to think of it, he's got a few of those :)

David has over forty years experience in the music business, from his early days with Frenchie and The Secret, under contract  to A&M records as Shrink, appearing in the film Breaking glass with Hazel O'Connor, through to his current success with Film, TV and Video Game music.

David has a fantastic studio, built by Steven Roberts, in South London where he will be found most days creating music as well as recording other artistes and playing the guitar.  His power to persevere is legendary and will pursue an idea to the end, with relentless energy.

As part of the Tanglingstar network he can provide an eye for perfection and a creative input not found anywhere else on the planet.  You can find out more about David on his Web site