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Intellectual Property Rights

We will do our best to ensure that we do not infringe other peoples' Intellectual Property Rights. It is very difficult to guarantee the source of material accessible, as many items are user submitted or dynamically linked through syndication.

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For example an image or article contains material that was created by you and you do not wish it to appear on tanglingstar.com – If you contact us, we will happily remove the item, and that will be the end of the matter.

This website contains words and images collected and / or created by Tanglingstar and/or its artists.  Unless otherwise expressly marked,re-use of the material found here is governed by a creative commons licence EXCEPT by any other Individual or corporation that has at least once filed a copyright infringement lawsuit against one or more on-line users of their content.  Use of any original Tanglingstar news story, photo, audio, or video recording for any purpose by any entity which is a plaintiff in a copyright infringement case is hereby prohibited.

Legal Notice to PicScout, PicScout Clients, and Getty Images

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Limitation of Liability

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For example your computer contracts a virus directly or indirectly from access to our site, tanglingstar.com cannot be held responsible for any consequences of the virus.

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