Tanglingstar has a non-negotiable ethical policy.  Our Employees and Artistes agrees to uphold to this policy while representing or working directly for us.

As a company, we will not engage in activity :

  • that is illegal in the jurisdiction where the activity happens, or is considered a crime when committed by a European Citizen under European Law
  • with companies whose business includes the manufacture, distribution or sales of weapons
  • with companies whose main business is tobacco or tobacco products
  • which would be regarded bribery, or corruption
  • which encourages, or promotes any religious doctrine.
  • with individuals or organisations whose objectives or constitution are in opposition to this ethical policy or would injure the reputation of the company or the Artiste by their association

As a Company we would prefer to associate with individuals, organisations who:

  • have a defined ethical policy broadly in line with our own
  • do not display royal warrants