A Tangling Star Business card

Some one gave you or left you a card!

Flip it over, it will either been one of our Artiste Development team, who wander around music venues, an associate company or an agent.  First of all, a reality check, you're not going to be plucked from obscurity and made into a star, those days are gone, sorry.  What has happened though, is that someone thinks we could work together.  The new music business in an interesting and exciting place, you could go it alone, but there is a better way. 

Tanglingstar is a private company, based in Manchester backed by a network of musicians and professionals who work in the industry and are dedicated to developing artists to realise their potential.  More than management, more than a label, more than an agent, but it is also all of these things.

What to do next.

Your initial contact will be with the person who left you the card.  Contact them either by 'phone or email.  You may be asked to come for an interview or an audition, this is generally informal, but take it seriously if you are serious about your music.  We believe that artistes do not turn up fully formed, ready to produce, er.. product, they come with a mishmash of ideas and notions which need examining, refining and tempering.  Only by developing the artist, can the art come forth.  Therefore it is better to come with a dream, and ideas than to perfectly render a number.  We will endeavour to be honest with you, please be honest with us, that way we both stand a chance of getting something we want.  You may bring your parents or best friend along with you if you wish, in fact we encourage it.

Can I trust Tanglingstar?

We would like to think so.  We encourage all new artists to consult widely, you are welcome to bring parents or partners along to meetings and you will be allowed to take contracts away to study before signing.  All our contracts are short in duration and are not onerous.

I don't need help with my career.

No problem, keep the card, let us know if and when you do.  We love music, we're interested in what's going on, so keep in touch.