Come down and see the gig was the invitation,  I looked online, the venue confirmed that the act I wanted to see was booked and the show started at 19:30,  so down I went.

The venue is one of many small venues in town, above a bar, reasonable beer and friendly staff.  I bought a pint and relaxed a while until the start time and then wandered though to the venue.  I was greeted at the door and shouted for a ticket over a noise that was coming from the stage,  had they already started?   No, someone was tuning up and having a sound check.

Cedar the CD

Cedar is a String Quartet CD single, written in 1994 by Marc Sinclair, recorded at Langford Lower School, and released in 1995 by Germaine Systems. Performed by the Kaznowski String Quartet.

This musical work only lasts a shade under eight minutes, but has drawn critical acclaim and has been used in numerous Film and TV projects.

This article contains lots of information about the project, as well as links to download the sheet music and mp3s.

Straining the creativity

What is creativity?

Quite simply creativity is an individuals' response to a new situation. The response is built from the experiences and strategies learned by that individual. Helping the artiste to expand their library of responses is the job of Artist development and deals with the whole person, not just their art.

Creativity only appears when there is a challenge, so here are a few ways you can exercise your creativity.

A Tangling Star Business card

Some one gave you or left you a card!

Flip it over, it will either been one of our Artiste Development team, who wander around music venues, an associate company or an agent.  First of all, a reality check, you're not going to be plucked from obscurity and made into a star, those days are gone, sorry.  What has happened though, is that someone thinks we could work together.  The new music business in an interesting and exciting place, you could go it alone, but there is a better way.